爱琴海,是地中海东部的一个大海湾,南北少610千米,器械宽300千米。爱琴海的东北部经达达尼尔海峡取马我马拉海相连。岛屿大部分属于西岸的希腊,小部分属于东岸的土耳其。海中最大的一个岛名叫克里特岛,面积约8300平方公里,器械狭长,爱琴海称号的劈头有种种注释,一个能够的词源是Αιγ- ,意义是海浪,它不仅是西方欧洲文化的摇篮,对世界各国游客来讲,更是浪漫情调路程的意味。


The Aegean sea (Greek:Αιγαίο Πέλαγος ), is a great gulf eastern Mediterranean, north and south long 610 km, 300 km wide from east to west. The northeast of the Aegean by the dardanelles connected to the sea of marmara. Most islands belong to Greece in the west bank, a small number of belongs to the east coast of Turkey. One of the biggest in the sea island called Crete, occupies an area of 8300 square kilometers, something long and narrow, there are all kinds of explain the origin of the name of the Aegean sea, is a possible etymology Α ι gamma, mean wave, it not only is the cradle of western European civilization, for travelers around the world, but also the symbol of romantic journey.